Friday, January 23, 2009

This is where it begins...

Blogging... HA.... who would have thought that I would even try something like this... But I am told its like having a diary on my computer.So thats what I'm holding on to. So hopefully I can keep you all updated about whats going on in my life.Hope it makes sense, hope it works... here goes.. Heres where I am at right now....

So, in three days time I am leaving my beautiful home in Durban, South Africa for a new adventure in Mozambique. In July last year God called me to serve alongside the Youth For Christ team in Maputo for a year. So thats what I am doing.

I am SO excited...

I never thought that God would call me to do something like this right now. I thought that I still had so much to learn before i was "qualified" enough to go out and do the whole missionary thing... But as usual, God has different plans for me. The most awesome thing is that I dont need to have a clue how to do anything while I'm there- cause really when I am weak, God is strong. And I have a feeling that He really wanted to show me what it is really like to do things in His strength not my own.

Am I scared? Terrified! But I cant wait!

I hope that you keep checking up for updates on whats happening in my life. I want God to do great things in and through me this year... Watch this space. :)

Keep praying!

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