Friday, November 27, 2009

Ipods, Jail and Cardboard Boxes

Tonight was one of the hardest nights that I have ever had in ministry. A couple of days ago, one of the older boys that we work with stole an ipod from Alexis. Tonight we found him, very drunk and buying cigarettes. After a long night of arguing and trying to get him to tell us who he sold the ipod too we ended up making the decision to take him to the police.

What a difficult decision.

I knew that Pedro really needed to learn about the consequences of stealing but I also knew what the jails in Mozambique are like.

One of the hardest moments for me, was too watch one of our kids get taken and locked up in a cell. I still dont know if the decision we made was the right one but I have to trust that God is in control and is in every decision that we make as a team.

I got home at about 12:30, very tired and emotional but trying to be strong around the other little boys that were with us. When we said good night to the boys, we went inside and I got straight into bed. Outside my window I could hear people moving around and little kids voices and coughs. I quietly opened my window to see our little boys curled up on cardboard boxes on the pavement. While I am sitting in my warm bed. These kids are outside on the pavement. I know alot of these kids have families to go back to. Its their choice to be on the street.
But even that thought doesnt make it easier for me to fall asleep.

My mind is racing. I want to fix all of this. I want to change these kids lives. How do I make a lasting impact? How do I truly make a difference and bring Hope.

And then I have to remind myself all over again... I can't do any of that. God can. And He will work through me. And if my heart is breaking for these kids. Imagine how much more the God of Love, our Creators heart is breaking for His children.

Please keep praying that these kids would go home. Pray for Pedro. Pray for us, for wisdom, love and understanding, but most of all for God to use us to change lives.


  1. so beautiful lauren, in the most heat breaking, breath-taking way. the scary thing is that this all seems so foreign, yet its happening right under our noses, only a few people are brave enough to notice. xx

  2. heart not heat :)