Friday, November 13, 2009

So we finally have internet in our flat.. So I hope to be updating my blog on a more regular basis.
Thing are going so well. We have visited Masana a few times this week. Masana is an organisation that works with taking the street kids back to their communities and helping them to stay there.

At the moment we are looking into renting a bigger house in the city so we can really begin our work properly. So please keep praying that God will lead us to the perfect one.

Life in Mozambique is great. Its starting to get really hot and the afternoon and evening thunderstorms are crazy! Last night the streets were flooded after only an hour of heavy rain. I cant imagine what its going to be like after 2 days of it.
The boys are at our flat our playing outside everyday. They have started to make friends with the kids in our street, its an amazing thing to watch them play together.

So, we are all very happy here. It is so nice to have people living and working with me this time around.

God has been doing some amazing things in the community and in our lives as we keep on this crazy adventure!!! its awesome!

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