Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I recently had a group of visitors from Durban visiting for a couple of days. It was so great to have a little piece of home here. Great to have someone see what I am involved in but mostly it was great to have my eyes opened again. As I was taking them around the house, introducing them to the staff and kids and sharing stories about the kids, I was reminded about how much God has done. Every now and then I get pretty emotional about what God has done here. I am intotal awe. My friend Yallo said this a short time before he died "It's just an honour to be part of what He is doing, really... You could be anywhere, doing anything but He has chosen you to be here." God has chosen me to be apart of these amazing stories. That quote is the perfect explanation of what I am feeling at the moment. Its and HONOUR to be a part of this.

This is Manuel.

He had lived on the streets for just over 18months. He ran away from home when someone stole the business thatManuel was looking after for a friend. Every since I have known him he has been very quiet and often looked a little down. Manuel was the name he gave himself on the streets. His family know him as Biltom. He was not very out spoken and I seldom heard him laugh. Manuel was reintegrated a few weeks ago. Yesterday we got to visit him and take him his new clothes. From the moment he got in the car, we could see that Manuel was no longer as we knew him.

Manuel spent the afternoon joking and laughing with us and his family. He had a twinkle in his eye and a joy that seemed to just bubble over. It was one of the most amazing things for me to experience. He was a different kid. He was exactly where he was supposed to be and he was exactly who he was supposed to be. Biltom - A joyful teenager living with his family loving life not Manuel a young street child merely surviving life.

I wish that everyone could understand the joy that I feel when I see these kids back with their families. There is nothing like it in the world. I am completely overwhelmed at the moment. Brought to tears most nights I journal about it. This is the God that I serve. A God of Hope and a God that brings JOY.

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