Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding God in the Swimming Pool.

Both my boys are back at home. What joy they bring to the house!!! Felix has been visiting his grandmother all holiday and I have had to hold my self back from asking my housemates if he can just come home early. We all waited patiently for his time to come home. Finally the day has come!

Today had been a very long and tiring day with school registrations not going as smoothly as we had hoped, shopping in the markets and a late night last night. By the time I had gotten home I was tired and rather grumpy. I had retreated to my room for some quiet time and a little time with God even though the boys had just gotten home. I needed to feel Gods spirit pour over me and I figured that would happen in the silence of my room. I was really struggling to concentrate and was very frustrated that in the time that I needed a little refreshing Jesus seemed to just not want to show up. So, I gave up and went outside to hang out with Felix and Edson. It was there that I found Jesus and the out pouring of His spirit that I needed.

The 3 of us spent some time in the little kids pool my mom had given to me for Christmas. It wasnt planned but naturally when 2 boys see a girl standing next to a pool- she has GOT to go in. We splashed around and laughed and screamed for a while. We lay and laughed at Felix's ridculous comments about sleeping in the water. It was beautiful.

There was a moment where I looked up and watched these boys play and saw the face of Jesus. It wasnt a quiet, serene moment but rather a chaotic and fun moment. Sometimes we meet God in the quietness of our rooms or in worship sessions and church services... Sometimes He is in the laughter of kids playing or in the noise of a childish game. In the midst of all that chaos of water splashing, laughter and screams I looked up and realised that this was a HOLY moment. God was there.

I will never forget the beauty of that moment. How awesome that just by stepping out and spending time with a couple of kids, I can meet and be refreshed by my creator.

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