Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our growing family!

Our family has once again grown. This past weekend, Jossefa (otherwise known as Nedved or Tilfo) moved in with us. Tilfo is an amazing young man who has walked a difficult road. He is an orphan of both parents and ended up living in a childrens center. He was then taken to go and live with and uncle which he struggled to live with. It was from there that he ended up on the streets of Maputo. Last week Tilfo was living on the street with very few dreams for his future. This week he has a family and a home and we will be trying to get him registered for school. Please pray with us as he makes this transition.

This is our family. It’s a little unusual but its beautiful. God is doing amazing things both in the lives of these boys and in our lives. As we decided to take one more boy in to live with us, it once again struck me how much God is providing for us and trusting us as we walk this road. Although our heart is for the kids living on the street to return to their families, there are always special cases where that is not able to happen. And for our 3 boys, Edson, Felix and Tilfo this was the case. They are all different with different stories but the one thing that they have in common is that God placed each of them on our hearts and in our home.

It’s a privilege to be able to take care of these boys. As we watch them learn and grow and turn into young men our prayer is that they would know the heart of their Father. If you are someone who prays... Pray with us. These boys are growing and learning every day. They are adjusting and changing. May Jesus always be at the center of that. I hope and pray that our home will be a place where each child will find God.

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  1. LOVE you and LOVE what you okes are doing!!!!