Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is Africa...

So these past few days have been pretty quiet which has been really good for me. I realised how little time I actually spend just chilling out with God. It has been awesome just spending time with Him and really just seeking Him out for this year.

But as usual... My thoughts drift and I end up thinking about travelling the world and all the great places that there are to see. But the thing that I kept going back to over and over again was just how fantstic Africa is. I love this place.. I love how different each country is, I love that there are so many different cultures and I love that God is doing some incredible things that I dont see happening anywhere else in the world.

But with that love and joy that I feel for my continent comes a huge burden. My heart cries out to God for the people that are "invisible" to the rest of the world. The children on the streets of Durban who sniff glue to try to numb the hunger they feel in their stomachs and the cold on their little bodies. For the grandmother in Zimbabwe who is trying to feed orphaned children in her community even if it means sacrificing food for herself. My heart breaks for the hungry and the sick and the lost that the whole world seems to ignore and that we all seem to turn a blind eye toward. I know these people... My heart aches for them and the millions more that are just on my doorstep.

There is more to our continent than all of this. There is more to it than the poverty and the crime and the hatred. There has got to be more to it! Maybe we are losing sight of how beautiful it is because we are losing sight of how powerful the God that we serve is. Yes, it is our responsibility to go out and feed the sick and look after the widows. And it is our privilege to be able to spend time chatting with a kid who has spent the past few years on the street and to hear about the struggles of a wpman who is beggin at the robots as we drive past. I have been challenged so much to take time to listen to the stories of these people. Here How God is moving in their lives. Sit with them, cry with them and walk with them. How would the Jesus that I am trying so hard to be like react to all of these people?

I know that God can do powerful things beyond what I can even imagine. I desperately want to see that happen in Africa. I believe that God can heal the sick, the sick with AIDS! I believe that we can have governments who rule justly and who want the best for the people and the country. It starts with me though. It starts with me taking a stand against injustice and not looking the other way when someone needs help. If we all stopped to share a little love to one person, imagine the difference it could make. It starts with me to make changes within myself and how I view and speak about my country and my continent. And it starts with me to pray and beg for God to move in Africa. I can't wait for whats ahead....Stand up against whats wrong. I really pray that I spend everyday like Jesus would have. And that I have the courage and the passion to fight for those who cant...

I love Africa. I love how God sees Africa. Cause God is the ruler and the creator and the all powerful.. Lets see Him move in our continent.

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