Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And then the rain came!

The past few days have been really good. A team of 12 arrived from America a couple of days ago. It has been so good to have other people in the house. Love that I can sit in my room and hear people screaming with laughter down the passage. Tuesday was one of the hottest days ever! It was crazy. Tuesday it was a public holiday. Apparently its called National Heroes day. Maputo was relatively quiet because people had gone to some area where they were handing out free beer and then they head off to Gaza to where the president has another gathering. There is also some weird tradition where traditionally a hippo comes out of the water and then they eat it... Well that’s what I could understand. I'm not sure if I have gotten the whole thing wrong with the language barrier or if it is just some weird tradition that some people follow. Either way.. Its very strange.

After dropping the American team at the beach Beto and I carried onto one of the children's birthday parties. Was great. I love that I am becoming part of the family and get the awesome privilege to share in these special moments with Beto and his family.

On our way back- things changed. All of a sudden the wind picked up and the sky turned black. Very much like the movies when tornadoes and cyclones are about to hit). By the time we had gotten back to Matola the rain had started. It poured and poured. There was thunder and lightening all night. It didn't stop till the morning. The rain carried on .Roads flooded. Our lounge was full of water because of a window that had broken in the wind. Wow... I have never seen a storm like it. Very scary, but incredibly beautiful.

Today we had to cancel our program... Rained in.... We wouldn’t have even been able to get into Pikoko where we had planned to be for they day. The roads would have been crazy. So we had another day of chilling and waiting... African timing I suppose...

My Portuguese lessons are going ok. I get frustrated with myself because I battle to remember the grammar. But Beto is awesome. He just keeps teaching and is so patient. He has faith in me... So I'm sure I will get there eventually.

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