Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mud, mice and kittens

What a fun week I have had! I took the team to a church in a community called Nyagoya on Sunday morning. I love that community so much. Westville Baptist team has spent alot of time there over the past few years and I have made so many friends there. So, it was a great time for me to catch up with them and be in a church full of young people excited to worship God. They spent some time praying for us as we carry on doing ministry in the communities in Mozambique. Was great! That evening we went to the English service which is held in a hotel in Maputo City. I met a couple of great girls there and have found a ladies bible study to go to on a Monday night. So, I am slowly starting to meet people and make friends.

We spent some time in Picoco this week. (This community was set up after the floods in 2000-a church has just recently been built and we are raising money for a bore hole to be put in next door to the building) After the rain the roads were very muddy and slippery but we managed to get to the church without stopping. That morning we spent most of our time trying to fix a man’s house. This poor guy. A wall on his mud house had fallen down in all of the rain. So we decided while he was at work we would fix it for him.. So we got to work.... We managed to get a decent mud and stick wall up with some help from the locals who are BRILLIANT! Although it was probably not as good as he would have done it was better than nothing in all that rain.. I did have a chuckle.. I felt like I was doing extreme makeover- Mozambiquan style.. Imagine when he came home and the neighbours told him that a bunch of white people came in and fixed his house..
After that we headed home, very tired and very muddy... BUT... not as muddy as we were going to be. We got so stuck in the mud trying to get out. We ended up being stuck in KNEE DEEP (no exageration) mud for about 2 hours. Exhausting but very fun. What an adventure...

Otherwise, I have a huge rat problem in this house. So bad that I was sitting writing an email the other day when one rat, mouse, something ran over my foot. It was at that moment I decided that we should get a cat. 2 Days later I am visiting a friends mom at Nyagoya and she had heard that I wanted a cat and hands us a little kitten! So I have a friend here. I haven't named her yet... Any suggestions? She is beautiful and when she grows up she will be a brilliant rat catcher. :)

Having a ball here in mozam.. Loving how much I am learning and the friends that I am making. Occasionaly I look at Picoco and feel completely overwhelmed but the great thing is that I serve a God who is big, and powerful and He is in control. So I never walk alone, no task is to big for my God. So I keep going no matter how big this task is.

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