Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making waves

A couple of days ago Beto asked me to preach in his church. Preaching is definitely not my strong point and is not something that I am overly excited about. But, I am here to be stretched and to serve so there I was this morning standing in front of a church preaching. It was cool. I am loving it more and more every time I do it. The great thing is that if God wants to say something He will use me, all I have to do is be available. Love that about Him!
Any way, so I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. But it went ok, I think. After the service Beto comes to me and was really stoked about the message and how it went. He then told me that I was the first woman in the history of their church to preach. It was a rule that woman were not supposed to preach but he thought that he would use me to change that!!! I couldn’t believe it. He very conveniently forgot to tell me this before I agreed to preach. haha. Crazy times. But cool. I'm living, I'm learning, like never before!

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