Friday, March 20, 2009

I have a little friend in Picoco called Rui. He is awesome. Everyday when Kinna and I drive up to the church we are greeted with shouts of "Tia Lorena, tia Lorena!- Aunty Lauren, Aunty Lauren" .Rui, will stand behind all of the kids until the crowds have dispersed. When I have put my things down, everyday, without fail little Rui will walk up to me and grab my hand or a piece of clothing that he can reach. He follows me around the whole day. He just wants to be close. He is the most incredible little by with a world of stories hidden in his eyes. When we arrive, some of the kids will come up and give us a hug or a high five but most of them still keep their distance. It's a cultural thing. Kids in these communities are taught to stay away and only speak when spoken too, especially when there are visitors around. We are trying to get them to understand that this is a place to scream and shout and have fun but we are also trying to be culturally sensitive and not step on any toes. Not an easy task. That is one of the reasons that I am going to be trying to find sponsorship to build a little community center. I want the kids to have a place that they can just feel free to be kids but also a place where kids from all different religious backgrounds can come to. Please pray for me as I look into this new phase of ministry.

My heart breaks everyday for these kids. Some of them come to the program with sores all over their little bodies. The flies hover around certain kids cause of their wounds and cause they have just not been taken care of. I wish I knew how to help all of them... I get frustrated with the world and with myself when I see people going hungry and children needing help and there really is no reason for it. But I love meeting so many people here who are doing so much for this country. Doctors, lawyers, missionaries. All called here to serve. How awesome.

I am planning a trip back home for a week at the end of April. I can’t wait. It's such a blessing being close enough to come home for a visit.

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