Monday, March 2, 2009

Picoco, Police and Potholes

For the first time, I thought about this place as home. Was a strange feeling but definatley a good feeling. I think it was brought on by a combination of things. Making great friends, found an awesome church and my work gets more and more interesting every day and maybe it was just cool to be able to drive to and from church with out getting lost. :)

I start in Picoco in the morning. I cant wait. I battle to sleep at night cause I lie awake thinking of the endless opportunities and ideas that I have for this place. I'm more excited than I thought I would be. Work in the rural communities is a lot different to working in the city (which I love and am way more comfortable with). So, I'm nervous. I'm also always nervous about driving there. The rain has made potholes that take over the whole road and people like to cover them with rubbish.. So you never know what you going to hit.. weird things happen here.

I also have been working with a youth group in the South African school that runs on a Friday evening. High school kids... Who would have thought... I'm still scared of them... haha... Don't think that's going to change. But I'm having fun. I also start an English class with some of the YFC volunteers on Saturday.

I had such a great moment today... I was alone at the house this afternoon. When I heard someone at the door. There were to very nervous little girls waiting for someone to come out. I rattled of the hello, how are you's in Portuguese and managed to understand who they were and that they were looking for some food. I managed to ask them to wait while I got something together. Walking outside again I realised I had SO many questions for them. They also just hung around. The language barrier is even more frustrating now that I can often understand what people are saying but I can't respond. The hung around watching every move I made and giggled when I tried to string a sentence together. What a great ministry opportunity. Two hungry little girls who clearly just wanted a little food, love and attention. When they had left I realised again how difficult it is to do ministry in a country that speaks another language to me. I'm learning as quickly as I can. The YFC staff help me along- they watch my face and have learned my "ok I just lost the plot of the conversation" face.

Other than that. I got lost the other day trying to find a school I was speaking at. So the logical thing to do was to stop and ask for directions.. So I did. And there is no greater person to ask than a policeman. And I thought that I had really hit it lucky when he asked of I speak English. woohoo! After I got directions I was about to drive off when he starts asking questions... "Mam,what is your name". I smile and answer. He begins to probe, " where are you from, what are you doing here etc". I am a little suspicious at these questions but am not about to be rude to a Mozambiquan police officer. So I answer all his questions and watch as his face lights up. Then he reaches behind his back. My immediate thoughts. "Is he about to bring out the handcuffs? Am I about to be arrested?" Then came the gem. " I think that I need your number." He says to me.

What!!!???? Ummm... No. Uh. how do I answer this without ticking him of.. " umm. no sir" I reply "I don't think you need my number at all. You will be fine without it." He then rattles of some nonsense that If I'm not wearing a wedding ring then I should want to get married and I should want his number. I was shocked. There I was lost. In the middle of Maputo, late for a meeting and the police officer is lecturing me about how a girl like me should want to marry a man like him.. hahahaha

aaaah life in mozam- never a dull moment.

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