Friday, May 8, 2009

10 things.

I am finally back in Mozambique after a great two weeks holiday in Durban. It was awesome seeing my friends and beautiful family. There is way too much to write about.. So here are a few of the many great moments I had back there. ..

1. AMAZING race 21st

2. Hanging out with my beautiful hippy sister

3. Dinner with homeless wanderers and great friends

4. Durbans AWESOME music scene

5. Seeing my children from Addington

6. Making new friends... Seeing Old friends

7. Laughing with my friend Tam until I nearly wet myself. Serious!

8. VOTING- I love my country!

9. Getting a Portuguese and English Bible from Shan

10. Dinners with my family

So.. Being back in Durban, South Africa was good. I seemed to be a little further away from God there. But even in His distance, God is intimate and beautiful..
Back to work. Too amped. Lots to do.. I am excited for the next few months. Can't wait to see what God has in store for us.

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