Saturday, April 18, 2009

This week we spent some time walking through the community in Picoco, praying, chatting and encouraging some of the ladies in the area. The last stop was with a woman whose child comes every day to our kids program.We sat on her grass mat and heard all about her struggles and dreams. She lives there with her daughter Joyce and her abusive husband. She shared with us that she is scared for her daughter who has been beaten many times. She is scared to say anything to any one because her husband’s family is heavily involved in witch craft. She was terrified that if she spoke up about what is happening a curse would be put on beautiful Joyce.I left her house broken. This story is not the only one of its kind. This is a common problem in this community. People are scared of the powerful hold that Satan has through witch doctors, ancestral worship and witch craft.In the next few weeks Joaquinna and I are going to be starting to deal with some of these issues. Please keep us in your prayers. These are not easy topics to deal with and we will definitely come against some heavy opposition. But God is big and in Him we have nothing to fear.

And this week we have had close to 200 children coming to our feeding program every day... This is so exciting for us. Its chaos... Its beautiful... So when I get back from Durban my major focus will be on getting funding for this project.

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  1. Found you! Wow I feel like I'm a stalker as I just added you on facebook as well. Love reading your posts and I'll definitely stay in touch!