Thursday, April 16, 2009

Creativity and God

The past few days I can't stop thinking about this... God is a creative God. He shows off a little of that creativity in everything around us but also with everything within us. God also often chooses to bless us with certain creative gifts. But for some reason we so often neglect to use them. I think for each person it differs. For myself, I let my insecurities and doubts take over. My creative gifts seem "less spiritual" than the other gifts. So I pushed the idea that God could use this gift of mine out of my mind. I think God is teaching me that He is a creative God. Creativity is a powerful tool. I need to learn how to reflect God and His creativity through my own. So, when we use creative ways to serve Him, imagine how stoked he gets. When we use the gifts that we are given instead of suppressing them, imagine how much more of God we can magnify to others. So let’s get creative. I encourage you to use your creativity to learn more about your Creator but also to reflect and magnify a creative God to the world around us.

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