Sunday, May 24, 2009

A wonderfully difficult weekend

First of all I need to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful friend Ryan, who surprised me by giving my blog a new look. So the revamp of my blog is all thanks to him.

God every now and then takes me through some very painful times. These times are sore and heart breaking but at the same time so incredibly wonderful. (only God can do that)
This past week, my heart has broken all over again for the world and God's children. I often pray that God would open my eyes to how He sees the people around me, I pray that God would break my heart for what breaks His.. I think this weekend He just may have given me a small glimpse of that. I was broken. I am broken. Its a wonderful place to be in. Its a painful place to be in, but it also keeps me moving. It moves me out of my complacency. God is not complacent. His heart is breaking for this world and His children. His heart breaks for every person affected by the injustice in this world. His heart is breaking while ours are complacent.
So, I got a little glimpse of what breaks Gods heart and how He see's the helpless and the needy. I am trying to position myself to be seeing that all the time. Because out of this brokenness and soreness has come passion and a desire to be used by God to change the world, to make a significant difference. Its difficult. With that passion and desire has also come an overwhelming sense of how much there is to do. I am fighting the thoughts that this is futile and a waste of time. Sometimes I feel like its too big for me. Its hopeless. But, God is not complacent and so I will not be complacent either. This is not hopeless.

I dare you to pray that prayer. I dare you to ask God to break your heart for the things that break His. I dare you to let God break your heart.
After that.. Complacency will not be an option.

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  1. Lauren! I like this. It really is inspiring! I'm digging the new look too :) Nice one Ry-dog.