Wednesday, May 20, 2009

70 Loaves of Joy

Today we bought about 70 loaves of bread from a lady on the side of the road. The bread was for our kids in Picoco. The old lady that we bought our bread from was beautiful. I wish I had a photo of her. I wish that I had a video of the dance that she did when we gave her the money for the 70 loaves. It was beautiful. I dont think she has sold that much bread in a long time.

Picoco was awesome today. We had no translator with us, so it was up to me and my broken portuguese to communicate with the other teachers and kids. It was great. I loved it. My little boy Estevo (the one who is sick) is looking much better today. He is a very special little boy and is making friends and playing games and singing. AWESOME!

This photo is with Estevo. I met with his grandfather yesterday. He is looking after 9 orphans at the moment. He is so old and frail but keeps working to make sure that there is food for the kids in his home. What an incredible man. I have been so moved by this family. I am drawn more and more to them every day. I really hope that I can find a way to help them out a little more.

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