Sunday, June 14, 2009

The news

Reading the newspaper and watching the news should break our hearts everyday. Over and over again we read stories of war, famine, rape and injustice.
We have become so numb to the reality of these situations that they no longer really impact us.
We don’t cry because of the girl who was raped and killed in her home. We are not moved into action because of the dying people in war torn countries like Iran and Iraq.
These things have become so normal, so much a part of every day life that the most we do is shake our heads and utter comments about what a shocking place the world is in.
If the child that was starving was yours, would we have the same reaction?
If it were your family in being killed and torn apart because of a war would you sit back in silence.

As Christians we are taught about the body of Christ and how we are all brothers and sisters in that body. Why are our hearts not breaking for our brothers and sisters that we read about in the news.
We have been so desensitized to the news and what’s going on around us. Maybe that’s why its so easy to keep to ourselves. Maybe we have such warped mindsets because of our culture and society that we somehow manage to "switch off" to the fact that we are reading about peoples lives. Real people. People who are in fact, our brothers and sisters.

What if what we read broke our hearts so much that sitting back was not an option any more. What if our hearts broke so much that we were moved into action.

Are we reading the news with societies desensitized eyes and hard heart or with God's tear filled eyes and compassionate heart?

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  1. hi Lauren,

    I love reading your blog. May more people be challenged, may more people be moved with love and compassion and reach out to those God has placed around us.

    Thousands of people slip away into eternity each day, may they not go without knowing that there is a greater hope - Jesus, a God that loves them.

    Keep going, Lauren. Glad to know you.

    - Melissa @ JESUSpolitik