Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A truck, a taxi and a veggie thief

What a day...
At the moment we don’t have a vehicle here at YFC. So Arnaldo and I left early this morning Mozambican style.. CHAPAS! I knew it would be a long trip but man I had no idea just how much of a mission it would be. 2 taxis, 5km walk, a 2 hour wait and 2 trucks (hitching) later we arrived in Picoco with all the food for the week.
During the 2 hour wait that we had, Arnaldo and I got chatting to a lady who lives in Picoco. She said that she knows me and what we are doing in the community. It turns out, a few months ago we went to go and pray for her and her sick child. It was incredible to sit with her and hear how her child got better and how thankful she was for our visit. What a fantastic testimony. God is doing some great things.

When we got to Picoco we heard some sad news. Someone stole our veggies! I couldn't believe it. They were ready for us to use to make soup this week and someone else thought they would beat us to it. So we are back at square one. Frustrating but at least we can learn from it.

I am so greatful for the car that we have at YFC. After today I even love the fact that I have to push start it and guess when the petrol is going to finish. It was a long day trying to make our way into the more rural sides of Maputo with out a car.

So today was full of interesting adventures, awesome testimonies and frustrating veggie thieves but what a great day in Mozam!

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