Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think that some of us Christians often miss the point of what is means to really reflect the Jesus that lives inside of us. We become so distracted about the rules and regulations and the misconceptions that we need to act a certain way, speak a certain way and even worship in a certain way.

Occasionally we meet people who blow those misconceptions out the water- how refreshing! I met someone a few weeks ago who did that for me. In so many ways this guy has gotten this right. His very being and presence screamed a passion and a love and a freedom for God that I have very rarely seen in people. I saw this love and passion and maybe even a little glimpse of Gods creative character without even spending time with this guy. In fact. No words were needed at all.

It was just who he was. God was so much a part of him and his creativity that words were not even needed. I think that it must make God so stoked to see that kind of thing. It's not about what we are saying, and whether we are a missionary or not. Its not about what we do but about having this real, creative and free God living inside of us. Having Him inhabit who we are. Its about Him being a part of our nature and character. Its about truly reflecting Jesus without ever having to say a word

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  1. So true! Sadly its a rare and alot of the times, difficult thing to do. I can't help but ask why? I'm yet to give myself an answer...