Friday, July 31, 2009

In memory of my friend Yallo.

My mind has been far away from my ministry this week. I heard during the week that a good friend of mine was killed in an accident in Kenya. I met Yallo last year when he came to spend some time at my church. We spent alot of time together while he was there. Working in the center of town with the boys, going on adventures into Durban and finding cool spots to eat at, long chats about life and God and lots of laughter about our lack of understanding of both topics.
We had such a great time. Last week we had been emailing laughing about those times and talking about how great God is and the amazing things that He is doing in our ministries. This week. Yallo is not here.
I guess that the reality of God giving is easy for us to understand, but when He takes away it seems like He is doing something unfair. God has taken away a special friend- for those of us left behind it's terrible and sore but in God taking away- Yallo is spending eternity with the God that he served with all his heart. I don't understand why someone who was making such and impact on God's kingdom was taken away so early but I do know that I can't wait to spend eternity beside my friend worshipping our creator, the Mighty God who gives and takes away.

So I guess, whats on my mind this week is that I am learning more and more to worship and praise my God through the times when He gives and the times that He takes away.

This is something that my friend Yallo said that I love and have though about so much this week...
"It's just an honour to be part of what He is doing, really... You could be anywhere, doing anything but He has chosen you to be here."

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  1. Thank you for this Lauren.
    And I love what Yallo said there.