Sunday, August 9, 2009

Music for the soul

On Friday night I was privileged enough to see, in my opinion, two of the greatest musicians of our time. For years I have been wanting to see Vusi Mahlasela and Habib Koite perform. What were the chances that I would see them in the same show in Mozambique.!?! They were everything that I had imagined and more! Brilliant!

The whole night I was completely overwhelmed by a love for my continent. There were about 6 performances from people from Mali, Madagascar, South Africa , Zimbabwe and of course Mozambique. There I was sitting in Maputo, my new home, surrounded by people who spoke Portuguese, French, Danish, English and a variety of other interesting languages and we were all connected. Language was not an issue. I may not have understood the language of the person standing next to me but I understood that somehow we were connected by the music. This music that was birthed out of my continent. I am proud to be African.

I had forgotten how much music like that fills me up, inspires me and God just uses it to breath new life into me. What a blessing to be able to see such great musicians perform together.

This is a pic of Vusi Mahlasela and Habib Koite performing together at the French Cultural Center in Maputo

Music is one of the most incredible gifts that God has given to us.

Life is one sweet song!

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