Thursday, December 10, 2009


Coming back to Durban is always a bitter, sweet thing. This time around, I couldn’t wait to get home to my brothers but was also really loving being in Mozambique...After a horrible taxi ride (which I will write about soon) I went straight to the hospital to see Kyle and Joel. They have both just come out of a very serious kidney transplant operation. They are both doing really well but obviously in a lot of pain. Joel (the donor) is actually a lot worse off than Kyle is. His is in more pain and will take longer to hear. Ironic. But God is good and I am so incredibly proud of my big brothers. Thank you for all the prayers..

So, a day later I am already missing Mozambique like crazy. The last few months I have met some amazing people who have made me love being in Mozam even more than before. Its hard to be apart from them but I know that I am in the right place for now. And sometimes following God is not always the easiest route but its definitely worth it.

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