Tuesday, December 29, 2009


At the end of every year, like many people I start looking back at the year gone by reflecting on my decisions, reliving the memories and planning the way forward from there. I recently spent some time with some good friends chatting through some of the amazing memories I have from this year. A year full of change and adventure, some memories full of joy and laughter but some painful yet very necessary. From starting the new year in Rwanda with some of my best friends to moving countries, being a part of telling commmunities about who Jesus really is to seeing street kids reunited with their families. My brother Kyle getting very sick to Joel saving his life donating one of his kidneys. The loss of two wonderful friends the joy of them now hanging out with God.

This year has definately been the hardest year yet for me. 2009 was a hard year. But, it was also the best year that I have had so far. I realised that through all of rough times I have had, I have seen and experienced God in ways beyond my imagination. I have been stretched and grown, I have seen God in my joy and in my pain. Some of those tests I messed up on. Some not so much but all of those added to my adventure and I realised this year that thats why I think life is so beautiful.

Life is not just beautiful its also a beautiful mess. And in those messy times God often reveals himself in beautiful ways. 2010 is a few hours away. I am so excited to start 2010. I am SO excited to see what adventures God takes me on. I am excited to try to become more like Him. Be more of a reflection of Him. I will definitely make a mess of things, thats ok. God is in that mess. He uses my mess to make something beautiful.

I pray that 2010 is about full of amazing adventures. Adventures centered around Christ and what He has called me to do.
I pray that everyday you get to see that