Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two men, 1 boy and 1 Skeptic heart

God does things in His timing.
God teaches us lessons when we least expect it.
That's another reason why I think God is So incredible.
Let me explain…

A couple of weeks ago I was in Maputo. It was late and I was incredibly tired and rather emotional about leaving the next day. Over all- not the time that I wanted to be dealing with God, His lessons and people begging outside my front door. But… As God does, He flipped my world upside down- whether I was ready for it or not… He was doing it.

Sandro and I were sitting on the front steps outside Kunhymela House when a man-lets call him Pedro- came to the gate asking for Ian- one of the Kunhymela House volunteers. I went inside to find him but by the time I had gotten back Sandro was handing him 10mets for a chapa ride home. Pedro lifted his child off his shoulders, where he was sleeping, to accept the small amount of money Sandro gave to him. It was then that we noticed that his child was not just tired but weak. Weak because he hadn’t eaten for the whole day. My heart broke but skepticism kicked in. My instant reaction was not to turn to get more money or even food it was to judge this guys motive.
Sandro on the other hand, was already looking in his wallet for money to give him. There was not even a moment of doubt or skepticism in his mind. I watched as he took another 10mets out. This would have what most of us would have given. (Kind of like giving your change to the guy who is begging at the robot).
But Sandro hesitated.
And this was when God flipped my world upside down.
He put the 10 mets back and pulled out 200 mets.A moment clearly led by God.
Sandro in all his humbleness mumbled something along the lines of “It’s not much, but at least tonight your child will sleep with a full belly”.
Pedro a grown man moved to tears. As Sandro moved to hug him, Pedro said something that shook me to the core. Through his sobs he said “No one has ever trusted me enough to give me money like this. No one trusted that this money would be used to feed my child.”

After I got to pray for Pedro on the streets of Maputo we both cried like babies. Unable to carry the pain that we felt. Pain that Pedro carries everyday. Unable to comprehend the hand of God, His timing and the leading of His spirit.

Who am I to judge another mans motives? Should I give money to every man who asks? Probably not. But, If we are walking close enough to God to hear His whisper and feel His nudge maybe next time 10mets wont be enough.
Maybe we will be changing someone’s life because we chose to TRUST them with 200mets.


  1. how did I mis this? nowada God uses n shows up to those that are available to be Him. Awesome story..

  2. Awesome lol! thanks so much for sharing that! super challenging

  3. wow... these stories move me to tears lauren...