Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A boy called Lucky

Street ministry in Durban is one of the most challenging ministries I have ever been apart of. The focus on our Tuesday night walks through the city is to pray for the city and chat with the people we come into contact with. Generally these are prostitutes, street children and the homeless.
There are some times where people are so open, they see the need for change and prayer and are excited to accept the invite to come to the office in the morning so they can be helped. Others see us as a major threat to business and life as they know it.

Last night I watched a pimp hit the prostitute that worked for him because she was interested in what we had to say about God. 5 minutes before that a girl in the middle of a conversation about life and God, got up and into a car with a man who wanted a prostitute for a few hours.

I was broken. I was walking through the city really battling to see the light. There was a heavy and dark presence around the city. I felt like I was losing a battle. But a little boy called lucky reminded me about what the truth was.

I met Lucky a few weeks ago. He lives on the street. He told me that he had learnt that he is a child of God, and that’s how he needs to act. Lucky since becoming a Christian has stopped sniffing glue, looks after himself (you would not think this child lived on the street any more) and most importantly he leads people to God. He at 14 years old is going to people on the streets of Durban and tells them of the hope that our God brings.
He is passionate about God. He dreams about going back to school, and becoming a pilot. He is changing Durban. But he still lives on the streets.

Lucky and I have become great friends. He has taken me to where he sleeps at night, where he hides out when the police are "cleaning up the city". He is an incredible kid who has made a significant impact on my life. But he's still on the street.
Next week we are going to get his birth certificate so we can get him into a school. But ultimately we need a home and financing for this kid..

God is big. He is faithful. Lucky taught me that. So please keep praying for all this stuff to come through for lucky and for the other kids that are choosing to leave the streets.

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  1. hey Lauren.. just came across your blog and i really think that what you are doing is so amazing! you are seriously an inspiration to all of us! thank you for sharing your journeys xoxo