Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Maputo to Berlin

So... Here is a quick little update on my journey from Maputo, Mozambique to Berlin, Germany.

I cried my eyes out on the plane to JHB. I think the airhostess thought I was crazy. She asked if I was leaving forever and when I told her that I was only leaving Maputo for 2 weeks she looked very confused. I realised on the plane how tired I was of leaving Maputo. I was overwhelmed at the thought of leaving my new home. But I get to go back this time. In 2 weeks I go back home to Maputo!
After aa long flight next to a man who spoke about sci-fi books and politics within science fiction I was SO ready to get off the plane... I think I would love Egypt. 4 hours in the airport gave me a taste of an amazing culture I am very eager to explore.
4 hour flight with very special attention from the egyptian flight attendent. Very funny. Egyptian men are not the most subtle with their flirtation tactics.
I am confused at the trains and buses and how they work. So many rules about where you can walk, how you walk and THE CARS COME FROM THE WRONG WAY!
Its a beautiful city that I cant wait to explore. I think i might have to rent a bike with a basket on the front and ride around.

Will update more soon... Such a blessing to be here.


  1. if you get that bicycle with a basket you must must stick some flowers on it and do me proud!
    xx claire

  2. Correction! The cars are going the RIGHT way. Stupid South African...ha ha. Glad to hear about your adventure. What are you doing there?

  3. Mike says:
    ride the crap outta that bike!