Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tea on the roof in a house full of hope.

For alot of people in my area the call of the Mosque means time to pray... For me, it means its time for tea. 5:00pm is around the time the Mosque prayer call starts. Its my favourite time of day. Everyday at this time Sarahand I make tea in our tea pot, put it on our colourful tray and head up onto the roof.

I love this time for a few reason. The first is that its home time for most people. My spot on the roof provides for a great viewing point for "people watching"- on of my best things to do.
Its also my time with Sarah. My time to vent, cry, laugh and even just sit in the comfort of each
others silence. I love and need those times. Just to be able to sit and drink tea with an amazing friend every day is a huge blessing...And then some days Paito joins us. We have"story timewith Paito".
Paito is an amazing kid. He has been living on the street since 2007. He has the greatest sense of humour and dances and sings while he washes the cars. He has great fun while he works to save money for things like new shoes. Paito joins us for tea most days and tells us stories.. Sometimes they are stories about how and why he ended up on the street. Most times they are stories that sound something that came out of Aesops Fables. He is also really great at correcting me with my horrific portuguese grammer and loves learning English. Story time with Paito is an amazing time of day. I have so much time for Paito and am very excited to see what God has in store for him.

This is the entrance to our house. Sarah recently bought the "hope" sign. I love it. One thing that I love and stand for, the one thing that I want to give to people, to inspire in people is Hope... God has given me the most amazing privilege of working in a place where the heart of what we do is just that... Hope. God is doing some incredible things in this house. He is stretching me and growing me more than I could imagine. Kids lives are being changed. Families are being brought back together because of an amazing God that we serve. A God of love and joy and peace.. A God of hope.

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