Saturday, April 30, 2011

Overwhelmed with Love

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a very average day that turned into one of the most memorable nights. As we got into the car to go out for dinner Edson put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was happy, if my heart was exploding with joy. I looked at him and at that moment it really did. I had my family in the car with me to celebrate my birthday.

Sitting down waiting for our meal Joseffa (Tilfo) and I got talking about God, fear and life in general. As he spoke to me about all these things, about what he felt like God was telling me and about things that he had learnt growing up, I was overwhelmed with love for this boy.

I couldn't hold back the tears. 6 months ago Tilfo was living on the streets. Now he is part of our family and most of all part of Gods family. I could never put into words the significance of that moment. I looked at each of the boys. Each chosen, hand picked by God to live with us. Watching them grow up into young men, passionate about life, God and of course soccer has been a blessing an honour and a privilege. These boys have been chosen by God... They are going to change the world they live in because they each have an incredible story to tell. One about love and redemption and a Father greater than any other.
I cant wait to see what God has planned for these incredible boys!

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