Sunday, May 15, 2011

After Dinner Prayers

Tonight was one of those nights where we were all feeling really tired and a little sick. I woke up today feeling like I was getting a cold and was really in no mood to be outside with 5 loud and boisterous teenage boys. After dinner the most beautiful thing happened. A moment I will never forget.
One of the boys stopped us from clearing the table and asked if we could all pray together. Our boys all got around and started praying. Each one of them. There prayers were beautiful and heart felt. They prayed for us and for the sickness and tiredness in our house. They prayed for Sarah in America and the thanked God for changing their lives and asked Him to keep guiding them where ever they go.
I once again, had to hold back the tears. My instant reaction to my flu was to take medicine and stay in bed. My boys first reaction... Prayer.

God continues to blow me away with moments like this. Precious moments where He opens our eyes and let's us see a little bit of the amazing work that He is doing in the lives of these boys.

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