Friday, June 24, 2011

Paulo- HOME at last

After a very grueling trip of 3am arrivals, walking for 6 hours and crossing rivers at midnight, Luis and Paulo arrived home. Little Paulo did really well on his trip home. People are not very sensitive and like to stare and laugh when he is having seizures. Being on a taxi for over 10 hours, alot of comments were made about him.

I woke Paulo up at about 5am to get ready. He bounced out of bed and ran to put on his new clothes. He danced around the room after he put every new item on. He put on his back pack and cap and told us this is what he would look like when he goes back to school. As we walked to the car I reminded him that as he leaves his old clothes behind. He leaves old Paulo behind. Paulo was a street child. Flavio is the name his parents gave him. Flavio has a home and a family.

Saying goodbye to these boys is always bitter sweet. I find complete joy in the thought that they are returning home. Prodigal son’s being welcomed back. At the same time though, after getting to know these boys its always hard to say goodbye.

His mom is anxious of getting him back in school and back on medication. She had no idea her son had been living on the street all this time. Praise the Lord that she has accepted him home. In 3 months time when I visit Flavio I am praying that he will be settled in at home, healthy and going to school.

My heart is a little sore that my little Paulo is not in Maputo any more but I am rejoicing that
Paulo has become Flavio again.

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