Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paulo returns home

A few days ago I was sitting at Masana with little Paulo. He was asking me if I could give him medicine to take his sickness away. As he asked that he went into another seizure. As I sat with him and waited for yet another seizure to pass I looked up at Luis with tears in my eyes. I didn’t have to ask anything. He knew. He walked straight up to Paulo and asked if we could go visit his grandmother. Half and hour later we were on the way. Paulo had multiple seizures on the way, more than usual. I wonder if the stress and excitement could trigger them off.

Paulo, or Flavio as his family know him will be moving back home to his mother on Friday. He has been staying with us for the last few days. He is one of the most wonderful kids I have met. I am really going to struggle to say goodbye to him. The past few days we have spent a lot of time together. When I leave for more than an hour at a time, I get welcomed home by him running and jumping on me telling me how much he missed me.

Luis and Paulo will be getting on a bus and travelling to his mothers home on Friday morning. He is so excited! He tells me that he is going home at least 3 times a day and has the biggest smile on his face as we talk about his trip to Inhambane to go home.

Please pray for them as they are on this long bus ride. Pray that his mother accepts him home and get’s him back on the medication he needs. Thank the Lord for another precious child who will be returning home to live with his family. God is good!


  1. With God, nothing is impossible! You are doing your part, God will do the rest! I'm sure he will be fine:-)

  2. Great work you are doing, Lauren - good for you and all praise to God! :) xx