Monday, October 24, 2011

David, another prodigal son returns home.

David had been on the streets for 3 years. Some boys get to visit their families while they live on the streets, this was not the case for David. Our visit to his home was his first since he had run away.
David decided on the day of our visit that he didn't want to just visit his family but he wanted to stay there. He packed his little bag with his few items of clothes and other odds and ends he had collected. He was ready to go home.
His house is about 2 hours out of the city- in a very remote village. I wasn't sure that he was going to remember how to get there.

When we arrived at his aunts place, we sat under a tree waiting for Luis to give the introductions. It was a very unusual thing for a couple of white people to be in the area.
He introduced us one by one... "I am Luis, this is Sarah and Lauren and of course you know this young man sitting with us. "
She looked at David and shook her head. She didnot recognise him. Just as Luis began to explain who he was she realised who she was looking at. David's aunt jumped up and hugged him, shouting with such joy and emotion. As she ran away to call the other family David began to cry.

His aunt cried. We all cried together. Such joy. To David's family, he was lost, maybe dead. They had no idea. They had, had no contact with him for 3 years. And now he is home.

Moments like that will stay with me forever. Shouts and cries of such immense joy can't be described. I wish I could accurately paint the picture of what a real, modern day prodigal son returning looks like. This stuff didn't just happen in Biblical time. I am getting to see it happen now!



  1. ohhhhh!!!! HOW HAPPY I AM TO READ THIS!!! yayayayay

  2. this is honestly my best best story!!!! what it is ALL about!!!! Shew - thanks God!!! Only YOU can change a life!!!