Friday, December 21, 2012

My story- Durban to Maputo

When I was about thirteen I was shown something that would change my life forever. A friend of mines dad had been going into the center of Durban to work with some of the homeless and prostitutes. I loved the idea of helping someone in need but needed a whole lot of convincing to actually do it.

I never could have imagined the dramatic effect that one night would have on my life.

I met people who helped me and shaped me into who I am today. 
I fisher woman called Vanessa told me every day that she saw me that I was meant for something great. That I could do anything. And that God had every person in a specific place for a reason.

An old Gogo(grandma) living in a shelter who taught me about service and giving the little that you have. She taught me about the power of a mothering heart and how a little love can change a childs heart.

A little street boy called Lucky who showed me that everyone can change. He taught me about how important it is to invest in the one. I’m not here to save the whole world. I am here to help change one person’s life at a time.

And a little girl called Chantel who’s story still breaks my heart every day. She taught me about how important it is to learn from what is not spoken. To understand peoples stories not from their words but from their lives, their actions their every breath.

These were only a few people who changed my life. Out of my time in Durban my passion and love for inner city people and street kids grew. I know I am supposed to say that I had massive impacts on these peoples lives but the truth is, they had more of an impact on mine. I craved time with Vanessa. She inspired me. Sitting on Gogos bed in the shelter talking about the old days became a place of comfort and safety for me.

As my passion grew, it took me beyond borders. Before I knew it my bags were packed and I was moving to Mozambique. A good few years down the line, my life is still here. In the dirty streets of Maputo.  I now work with a group of boys who continue to shape me and change me. Masana  aims to get these boys living on the street back to live with their family. I am very grateful to be a part of that.

Choosing to be a missionary was easy. Living as one is not. I am actually terrible at it. Thank goodness God is gracious. I mess up. Sometimes the boys don’t see my best, most “Godly”side. Some days they really just bring out the worst in me. But I have learnt that I am not here to be perfect. I am here to do life with them. To be real. God will do the rest. He chose me to be here. I fully believe that my place in Mozambique is not a mistake. This is where I am at home. Making an impact on the amount of children on the streets of Maputo.

So. I don’t have a job or receive a salary. I live off other peoples donations. Like a street child I have to work for my money by asking for it. (My least favourite part of being a missionary) Humbling!?! More than I would like to admit.  Next year I need to raise money to be able to stay here and continue to work with these boys. I am looking for monthly or once of donations for next year. All my support goes through and is monitored by my church- Westville Baptist Church.
Wont you consider helping me work here? Please consider a once off or monthly donation.
My email is if you need anymore information or would like to support me for 2013. 

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