Thursday, March 1, 2012

The green spoon.

God has has been teaching me about how the little acts of love can impact greatly. He keeps reminding me that it's a blessing to be wiping runny noses and cleaning scratched knee's all day. The point is that I am there for these boys. Ready to watch them for the tenth time as they learn to skip. Ready to help them wash their clothes and celebrate with them when they remember to wash their hands. These little acts of love, seem so insignificant but every now and then we catch a glimpse of something much greater. To me, it is just the tenth time he has skipped past me. To him, it's the fact that someone is watching and cheering him on. If this is all I am here to do.. I will gladly accept this beautiful responsibility.

A few weeks ago I gave one of the little boys a special spoon to eat his food with. He thought his green, frog spoon was the most amazing thing ever. I love serving him his food because every day he gets excited about his little spoon. It never gets old. Grinning from ear to ear he will always show the other staff members his special spoon.

Today, I wasn’t serving the food and Luis’ spoon ended up on someone else's plate. Ian called me over to show me what had happened after that. Something I would never have expected. After trying to beg and plead for his spoon back he decided that he would barter it for his cup of milk. His trade was accepted very eagerly and both parties finished their meal very happy. I never realised how much it would mean to little Luis when I gave him a special spoon. It was something that was his. One thing in the world that was given to him, one thing that he loved and owned. It was worth more than his glass of milk which the kids are so happy to get. I love that I get to see those special moments. A little bit of love and attention means the world to these kids, even if to me, all it is, is a little green, frog shaped spoon.

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