Monday, June 24, 2013

My thoughts on my hero Mandela.

I have been glued to the news. I find myself praying that God will heal Mandela. Im not sure if this is a fair prayer or not but I have to keep hoping he will pull through. What God reminded me of today was that this is a very old, very human man. I find myself wishing that he would live forever. Isn’t that what Hero’s are supposed to do? I have to be careful of putting him so high up that he seems almost God like. Someone who will live forever...   But I am reminded that although this man is, and forever will be a hero to me and many other people in South Africa and the world, he is still a frail old man. 

Maybe he is very ready to leave this world.
My biggest dream on earth was to meet Mandela. To just have two minutes with the man who has shaped so much of the country that I know and love and also shaped me as a young South African women. Honestly- this week was the first time that I started giving up on that dream.  I was a little less sad that I expected.  (... I REALLY thought it would be possible to meet this man!) I was less sad because I had realised that I have met a little of Madiba. I grew up in a country that is free. Mandela is in that freedom. I watch people of every colour having deep and real friendships. Nelson Mandela is in those people. I have a family that is very much part of the rainbow nation because of a man that fought for unity! Madiba is in that rainbow nation. Mandela is in every single one of us. He is such a powerful man that he left a little bit of who he is in all of us. He made his mark on the world and on every single South African.

So I may never get to shake the hand of my hero but I get to be a part of the work that he started in South Africa. Even from far away.. My job, my calling... is to continue on with what Mandela fought so hard for. Unity, togetherness and an inexplicable love for our country and each other. What an honour and a privilege to call myself a South African!

My heart breaks for his family and for the nation as they prepare themselves for his death. Mandela won’t live forever but his legacy will! Praying for him and his family daily! 

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  1. Lovely Lauren and I think you have put it all in perspective. Instead of holding onto him...we need to strive to keep alive all he achieved.