Friday, August 9, 2013

Things I learn in hospital lines.

The past few weeks I have sat for many many hours in government hospitals. It seems to go in waves. These few months we have had alot of sick kids.  Hospital visits with kids are never fun. Some trips to the hospital are less serious than others. A broken arm. A stitch or two needed, those sorts of things. Unfortunately I have spent more time with more serious cases lately. Boys get abused and raped. Others I have sat with as they hear they are HIV positive. My heart has broken over and over again at sad news and hopeless results.  As I sat in line for the third hour yesterday, I was reminded of the brokenness of this world. People around me, sick and broken. Dying and hopeless. How do you truly comfort boys who have been through or are going through this? The truth is. I can’t.

I can be a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold but I cannot heal. God does that. And the beauty about what I get to see every day is just that. God healing helpless situations.  There are not many times where God has chosen to heal kids of diseases or injuries but he is healing hearts every day.
I have been in awe as I have seen brokenness turned into joy. Hopelessness disappearing.  Street children choosing family.

Sickness is not what God wanted for us. But time and time again we see at Masana that God uses sickness to change lives and change hearts. Even in sickness and pain there is HOPE. God is hope.

In the same hospital lines that I sat in yesterday and saw death and hopelessness, there was God. A young boy reading his bible to his sick aunt. An old grandfather sitting with his bible in his hand and stories of God healing and restoring hope.  

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