Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Interruptions

The meaning of this Easter time is so much more real to me here than it was back in South Africa. I guess alot has to do with the fact that in most places there is so much focus on holidays and Easter eggs that we miss out on the true meaning of the time. This morning, while hanging out my washing, I got a little bit of a glimpse into what it would have been like when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. To hear people singing and dancing on the street is not an uncommon sight or sound here. But today the singing was different and I could hear hundreds of people coming down the road. A HUGE church was walking around the neighbourhood singing and dancing and waving their palm branches. If you have never heard an African Church full of people singing.. You are missing out on one of the most beautiful sounds on earth. Today I watched them stream past my house and imagined this is kind of what it must have been like, what it must have sounded like when Jesus came into Jerusalem. I couldn't help my tears. It was what I think was a real Holy moment. God moving and speaking when you least expect it, interrupting our normal everyday activities to open our eyes to what He wants us to see.

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  1. amazing.. that is beautiful. thanks for sharing :-)