Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today Joaquina and I bought the biggest pot we could find. On Tuesday we are starting to feed the children in the community. We are stepping out in faith, God will provide for this project.
Yesterday we met with the Pastor of the church and some of the ladies in the community. We shared our vision of starting a feeding project. We shared with him that our main aim was to start a vegetable garden. The community will look after this garden and the veggies will be used to feed the kids. Along with this we are looking into hopefully one day also starting a chicken project too. As we were sharing this, the smile on his face got bigger and bigger. He said to us that he had been praying about a project like this but had no idea how to get it started. So with that confirmation, Joaquina and I needed no more convincing. So we are off! We start with a simple bowl of mielie meal for now. As soon as we can I will be looking into getting some soya products and other goodies to make soup. Once the veggie garden is done. We wont be buying the veggies. So thats getting started asap! Its nearly school holidays so soon the kids will be helping us to get the land ready for planting. This is their project, not ours. Its exciting. I loved watching the community and my friend Joakina getting passionate and excited about this project. I sat back and tried to keep up. They were so excited that they stopped translating for me cause it was slowing the conversation down. STOKED!
So keep praying for us. I am SO excited about this garden and chicken project. It's going to be awesome!

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  1. Hey Lauren,

    Im Corrie. I came across your blog in a random way but I read it regularly and am praying for you even more regularly.

    :-) Keep going - this is the moment.