Monday, January 25, 2010


Kunhymela House is no longer just a name but is an actual place! We HAVE a house!

God has been amazing in leading the team back in Mozambique to the perfect house for the ministry. Our two bedroom flat was a little small for the 4 team members and the children in and out there all day.

We have been praying for a long time for a house in the right area to begin our projects and programs that we have been dreaming about for so many months.

Here is is! I am so excited to get there to see this beautiful place. This will not only be home to the Kunhymela House team. It is going to be a place where we work with children that have been living on the streets of Maputo. It is safe space that these kids can come and be loved. In some cases if need be there will be short term accomodation for the kids, but ultimately this is a house that will assist the team in successfully reintegrating kids into their own homes and communities.
The Kunhymela House team is moving in, painting and getting organised. If you have any contacts who can help in furnishing this place. Please please let us know!!!
In the mean time I keep serving and following God here in Durban. Enjoying my time with my family and friends and working in my beautiful city.But am SO excited for my friends in Mozambique who are faithfully trusting and serving God as they work with the kids in the city in Maputo.

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  1. This sounds awesome! Hope I can make a trip to visit sometime!